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Nov. 16th, 2007




Ah'm sick o'f walkin' n' waitin' n' movin' me feet left right left n'

YA DARE TAKE ME YOUKAI FROM ME? What'd lil' old Jin do?
Ah was willin' n all ta go back n fight them nake' men fa a piece o' glass

Ah went out ta celebrate a new mission, and kinda...wo' up wit' little angry men poundin' inside me head!
So i went back ta sleep

and then i woke up again TO FIND ME OWN TWO FEET STU' TA THE GROUND!

Ya got some 'splainin' ta do Koenma

Sep. 2nd, 2007


Private to Allies

Hmm...Nothin' much 'appenin round here.

Suzuki's imposin' some rules on a temple he isn't ownin' and...and...
And he ain't even 'ere 'alf the time!

Hoo boy. Ta make things worse, all the booze bin missin'.
N' we ain't doin' anythin  about that  about these demons either! What, are we just takin' a holiday and lettin' 'em run free ta do what they like?

That Katsu fella's a little fishy. What with keepin' Kurama locked away n' all

Jul. 31st, 2007

Your mum dresses you funny

Your God Returns!

The Jinmeister is baacckk!


I bet ye all missed good ol' Jin!
Didn't ye?
 Touy' i be wanting to talk to you. Here or visitin, tis all the same

Jun. 20th, 2007


Private to Allies and such

'Pparently we be lookin' for some shard or somethin'.
But we don't get no exact location like a castle or a shrine, nope we have to search the whole bloomin city! And it ain't no small town either!

I be sharing a room with Urameshi. Tis not so bad.

Yo, you people back in Japan, 's anything 'appening there? I mean, these demons...are they... here?

Anyhoo. Room.
Not so fancy, it has two beds, little bathroom area, and half a kitchen. Well, a sink n' a table n' a fridge. Great view of the city too! (Too bad,no sign of shard.) Mebbe it'd be better to look for demons.
Well, i better go look for this magic thing. Ningen are kinda scary though. Dressed wierd with funny faces, all talkin' in this alien language.

So we can't even ask 'em for help!  Ta help i 'ave this AWFUL headache. Must be the 'time zone.' Think that's what 'tis called.

Ooooh! What was that? Somethin' shiny from behind the telly!
Ja matta ne!

May. 26th, 2007


[Private to Allies] Shinobi >>>>>>> School

<Private to allies>



Ye be wrong Chuu. Booze n' study don't mix.
Oh wait..i didn't really study. Well it don't really matter. i ain't planning on passing with an edu-ma-cation. Just gettin' rid o' these youkai and takin' that Nurse back to makai with me.

Hey, anyone seen Tou'a  'round? I 'aven't seen him for aaggeess. Tis almost a little bit wierd.
I mean, he didn' even come and intervene with that booze monster.
He better not be doing Shinobi work without me! Mebbe i'll drop by n' visit Shishiwaka...wherever he is, and ask  'im.
I'm startin' kinda miss ol' work like that. So much better than school.

Apr. 15th, 2007

D :


Ugh...bit of a headache.
Okay...Ah can't really get up at the moment...just a bit of a headache. Ah don't know what happen'd yesterday. There was screamin', and mebbe fightin'. Ah woke up with a headache, middle of the forest!
No wait..

Ah know this feeling, yup, Ah know this feelin'. I think....some demon attacked the temple. But that don't explain why Ah feel sick. If a demon attacked, i woulda fought him! Not...ugh..

Imma just gonna lie down for a bit..

Mar. 27th, 2007



So Ah've been tryin' to catch up on this school work and all, but Ah haven' gotten very far. Should Ah still write this thing on deviance and stuff, or is it much too late for that?
Maybe Ah'll just turn up to class, 'n' no one will suspect me of anythin'.

Mmm....that sounds like a plan.

Oh. Another o' Urameshi's friends is here. Mitarai... i think.
Never heard of the lad before . But a friend o' Urameshi's is a friend o' Jin's. : D

Mar. 22nd, 2007


The Intraweb

Ooo Weee!
Aint this a little bit o' fun? I see everyone bin hangin' round on this...intanet thing in the temple. So little ol' Jin here though' he'd giv'it a go.

Kinda pointless, seeing as most of us are livin' together 'n' all.
But it means i get ta talk ta Yusuke and them a bit.
'Ello Urameshi. :D
Tis Jin!